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Lost amidst the busy concrete jungle of South Delhi lie the
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Have you ever wondered what heirloom tradition is? It is
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Dance Like a Man (English/2004/120mins) Director: Pamela



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Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Jahanpanah: Exploring a Lost City

Lost amidst the busy concrete jungle of South Delhi lie the remains of a magnificent city built almost 700 years ago. Jahanpanah, or the 'Refuge of the World', was founded by Sultan Mohammad bin Tughlaq. The city was once popular among travelers and historians from around the world who wrote vivid descriptions of its grandeur and magnificent architecture. Weaving through the many structures that play hide and seek within the modern urbanscape, this walk will attempt to trace the urban character and architectural language that existed during the time.

Sufis and the People of Delhi

An interview with Sohail Hashmi on the history of Sufi settlements in Delhi, describing how people were drawn to Sufism because it was inclusive, adopted the language of the people, and laid stress on serving fellow beings rather than on ritual. Sufis were venerated for having superhuman abilities and vision, and celebrated for keeping their distance from worldly power. We may also observe a degree of democracy in Sufi institutions, and syncretic elements in their poetry and ritual performance, that make their legacy meaningful for us today. 

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- A walk through the intriguing Ita Fort & Mahayana Buddhist Gompa

This heritage walk is conducted for the students of the history department of Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar. Ita fort, from which the name Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, has been derived is a huge medieval fort complex discovered in the early 20th century that lies in ruins today. This walk seeks to explore its archaeological landscape, its history, enigmatic ruins (especially, the Southern Gate), architecture, and local folklore associated with it, and expose the students to the controversy surrounding its date of construction and builder.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Exploring the Glorious Orchha Fort

Sahapedia in collaboration with GoUNESCO is organising a two-day heritage walk for the participants of Go Heritage Run in Orchha. Orchha is famous for its beautiful monuments which tells us about the stories and legends of yore. The mighty Orchha Fort complex with stunning murals has fascinating structures including Jahangir Mahal, Rai Parveen Mahal, Ram Raja Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, Lakshminarayan Temple, Sunder Mahal, chhatris of Phool Bagh along the riverside, etc. This heritage trail will focus on the rich history of the fort and its Indo-Mughal style of architecture.

नई पीढ़ियां जिस राम को जानेंगी वह तुलसी का राम होगा, कबीर का? या फिर ठेठ राजनीतिक राम?

हमारे समाज में अयोध्या वाले किन्हीं दशरथ के बेटे राम से बहुत पहले से ही राम एक समृद्ध आध्यात्मिक और मुक्तिकारी चिंतन का हिस्सा रहे हैं.