The Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellowship is a collaborative project to encourage fresh research on tangible and intangible heritage across India and South Asia. The Fellowship is a way to both support research on the arts and cultural diversity of India, and to encourage field practitioners and young scholars to identify from their perspectives what needs to be documented. Offered annually, the Fellowship supports people in their work with communities and practices that often do not get the attention they deserve.

The Fellowship encourages relationships between those in the field and those in the academy. Sahapedia team members and experts affiliated with us mentor the Fellowship candidates during their research and through the process of editing and reviewing their writing and recording. As a result, the project facilitates connections between practitioners and researchers and strengthens the network of culture knowledge bearers across India.

  • During its first edition (2017-18), the Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellowship was funded internally and supported 115 Fellows.

  • The second edition of the Fellowship (2018-19) was offered to 72 applicants and was funded by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India under its scheme of Financial Assistance to Cultural Organisations with National Presence.

  • Results Announced - Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellowship 2019.  Please Visit :-