saha sutra

Saha Sutra

Do the Vedas and Puranas really mention the Kumbh Mela? What's the difference between Eid al Adha and Eid al Fitr? Why was the Pratapgad Fort so important for Shivaji? How did Ghalib influence poetry in America? Finding out the answers to these questions takes researchers decades of research and field work in subjects ranging from history, theology, performing arts, and literature to visual arts among others.

While Sahapedia continues on its mission to extensively document the Indian arts, culture and heritage, we also recognize that sometimes short feature articles, videos and graphics work as gateways to complex subjects for people. A Sutra, meaning 'thread' in Sanskrit, weaves together information, concepts and ideas into a short story that may be read independently or as one chapter in a book without end. Topical and brief, Saha Sutra is your express route to interesting perspectives on popular aspects of Indian culture.