Museums of India

The Museums of India project is designed to bring together museums, heritage and communities to create a participatory eco-system of museum exploration, enrichment and education. The attempt is to create sustainable community engagements that allow people to contribute to museum experiences as well as participate in them.

Many museums in India struggle with visitor engagement and funding, and the Museums of India project provides avenues for various stakeholders – museum creators, museologists, museum designers, artists and craftsmen, students and general visitors – to co-engage, hence creating new opportunities for rejuvenation of the 1000+ museums in India and the communities that surround and support these museums. The idea behind the project is to make museums living and breathing cultural hubs which encourage and facilitate interactions and participation, especially of local communities.

The Museums of India project started with an expanding digital listing of the museums in India, with the realization that there is no single in-depth online resource that showcases the diversity of Indian museums. This digital platform - - aims to trace and create an all-inclusive resource of all the museums of India, where audiences can view consolidated information about museums. Since its inception in May 2017, Sahapedia has documented 300+ museums in 34 cities on this platform, and this number is continuously growing and has become a one-of-its-kind platform for the museum ecosystem in the country.

More recently, the Museums of India program launched its outreach activities as a step towards re-envisioning museums as living cultural hubs. The program has now started curating and organizing immersive and creative museum-centric experiences for a variety of audiences around the country. This extension has also been integrated into the digital platform allowing enthusiasts to participate in these experiences, write and share their opinions and journeys with our carefully selected set of experience leaders and also offer to conduct such experiences.

The program is committed to its vision, and is eager to collaborate with people and institutions from across the world to achieve this in as decentralized a manner as possible. Come, join us!