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A complex cosmopolitan city, Hyderabad has many layers of
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Kolkata , West Bengal
The stretch from Beadon Street to Nimatala in Kolkata is lined
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Kochi , Kerala
Thripunithura was the seat of power of the Cochin royal family


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Frames is a Sahapedia initiated platform provided to photographers to showcase their creative work on subjects which explore the richness of India and South Asia’s cultural landscape -- one that is highly visual, interwoven in a tapestry of diverse customs, rituals and practices of numerous communities, religions and tribes. Through Frames, curated by noted photographer Dinesh Khanna, Sahapedia intends to explore this vast visual canvas and the ways in which it celebrates life in its myriad hues.
The Golden Jejuri
by Jayati Saha

The cult of Khandoba is popular throughout Maharashtra, the Konkan region, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and northern and central Karnataka. There are more than 600 temples dedicated to Khandoba in the Deccan region, but the principal one is at Jejuri, located 48 km from Pune in Maharashtra.

Pushkar: A Changing World
by Dinesh Khanna and Yashaswini Chandra

The animal breeders and traders at the last livestock fair in Pushkar were a malcontented lot, their wizened faces, under colourful turbans, lined with worry.

Denied a life of dignity, for hundreds of years widows from across India have ended up in the holy city of Vrindavan in search of inner peace and to live an honourable life.

Masks have always intrigued me and I collect them wherever I visit. Masks come in a variety of motifs, shapes, sizes, colours and materials, typical of the place they originate from.

Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India on October 26, 1947, immediately changed the strategic importance of the landlocked state, now sharing borders with Pakistan, China and Russia.

Festivals: A Celebration of Hope
by Sindhuja Parthasarathy

'An outlandish celebration of the victory of good over evil, unbridled expressions of angry delirium, the transformation of a common man to the saintly, and a stubborn faith in the Mother Goddess', these are the words I had scribbled down in my diary after experiencing Kulasai, the Dussehra festi

Lucknow’s culture has always compelled me to dig into the roots of its rich civilization. The city has been a centre for artistic excellence, and an epitome of the syncretic Ganga-Jamna tehzeeb.

I heard about the Manipuri Pony in 2013 from L. Somi Roy, a cultural conservationist from Manipur, and was immediately intrigued when I was told that it was the world's original polo pony, as Manipur has been recognized as the birthplace of the modern game.

Ramlila: Life Backstage
by Moushumee Jha

The Ramlila is a dramatic enactment of the life of Rama, considered an avatar of Vishnu and the hero of the ancient epic, the Ramayana.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Rajarata after the destruction of Anuradhapura in 993 CE by the Chola invaders from Southern India.