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If Old Delhi is the crown of Delhi,  the area of Dariba
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The Jogeshwari Caves are the most ancient Brahmanical (Hindu)


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Sahapedia Heritage Walk- From Stone to Sublimation: The Cave of Siva-Mahadeva at Jogeshwari

The Jogeshwari Caves are the most ancient Brahmanical (Hindu) caves in Mumbai. According to scholars these caves were excavated in the second quarter of the 6th century CE. They are affiliated to the Pasupata sect of Shaivism. The principal cave is similar in many respects to the Dumar Lena at Ellora and the main cave at Elephanta.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Tracing the Maratha history of Baroda through mural paintings

The Marathas, who came from the Deccan Plateau, spread across the country creating a confederacy of Maratha states. Among them were the Gaekwads who ruled the then Baroda state. The current city of Baroda (Vadodara) in Gujarat bears testimony to the years of Maratha rule in form of art and architecture.

Baroda’s reputation as a cultural hub in modern India helps keep alive the conversation with its heritage, which includes palaces and towers marked by spectacular fusionist murals like those in Tambekar Wada, the Maratha mansion in Raopura area, and Maharani Chimnabai Tower. 

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- The Hidden Tombs of the Sayyids and Lodis

The Sayyid and Lodi dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate have graced the city with a number of beautiful mosques and tombs. While the most celebrated of these are situated within Lodi Gardens, there are numerous others, which are of equal architectural significance and grandeur, but are rarely visited. These lesser-known structures are scattered around different parts of the modern metropolis, usually remaining hidden within modern residential pockets.


Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Delve into the ancient city of Varanasi

Varanasi occupies a hallowed place among religious communities in India. This walk will take you through the major religious sites of the city and will also explore its architecture built during the times of the Peshwas and the Mughals.

The walk starting from Gangamahal Ghat (Near Sindhiya Ghat) followed by Ganesh Ghat, Balaji Ghat, Balaji Temple, Dharhara Mosque and Radha Krishna Temple, will take the participants through the mythological significance of the city as well as its rich history.

This guided tour is free.