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Published on: 16 April 2016

Website of Charles Correa Associates

Charles Correa Archives, Charles Correa Foundation, Goa 


Projects by Correa

'City on the Water' (17 min; 1975), a documentary directed by Charles Correa on the problems facing Bombay in the 1960s–'70s that led to the decision to create New Bombay (now Navi Mumbai) across the harbour. Produced by the Films Division of India.

Building plans of IUCAA and shots of the campus, in the Library and Image Gallery of the IUCAA website


Correa on architecture and urban planning

Introduction to catalogue, Vistara: The Architecture of India, ed. Carmen Kagal, Bombay, 1986. Correa was on the team curating the Vistara exhibition which travelled across the world as part of the Festival of India, and co-scripted, with Imtiaz Dharker, the film accompanying it.


'The Gestures of Human Occupation', Lecture and Discussion (92 min), Royal Institute of British Architects, May 15, 2013, the day after the opening of the RIBA exhibition 'Charles Correa: India's Greatest Architect', celebrating the gift of Charles Correa's archive to the RIBA Library.


Panel discussion on the occasion of opening the Charles Correa Archives to the public, Goa, 2014, Part 1 and Part 2 (51 min.) 


'My Works, My Thoughts', lecture and discussion at Jnanapravaha, Mumbai (in six parts, 100 min)




Discussion of Correa's work

'Volume Zero: The Works of Charles Correa' (39 min; 2008), a documentary produced and directed by Arun Khopkar, that addresses the physical and the spiritual aspects of Correa’s architectural vision.

Special issue on Charles Correa, Uncube magazine 11, June 20, 2013