The Presence of a Language: Journeys in Urdu Literature


A literary memoir on the raptures of discovering Urdu literature, this lyrical essay is the Pakistani-born, London-based writer’s eloquent and poignant testament of the mysterious and plural ways in which reading shapes one’s creative writing. The essay mentions the range of narrative techniques and aesthetic refinements of Urdu literature that has, for centuries, flown alongside the river of rasa explorations.


Alternative Poetry of the Northeast

In this incisive essay poet Robin Ngangom delineates the terrain of poetry in English in the long troubled Northeast. The textures and tensions of singing a variegated land and its diverse peoples—whose gods are also living hills and streams but who often face shades of discrimination from the centers of power in India—makes for vivid and necessary reading. This is a narrative of rupture and rapture, resistance and suffering and renewal.


Creation Myths: How did the World, and its Many Stories, Begin?

‘Creation myths’, basically stories and lore that explain how the world and life began, are universal, and diverge across states, countries, indigenous communities, and even religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In fact, to paraphrase Levi-Strauss, we may not even realise the impact they have on our minds without our being aware of it. Sahapedia explores the significance of creation myths in tradition (Photo Source: Pixabay)