सुनी सुनाई (Suni Sunai)

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Published on: 31 October 2022

Rajesh Kumar and Nusrat Dastangoi (performers), Manish Tomer, Rajesh Kumar, Ankita Dubey (writers)

Stories about bhakti and tasawwuf (‘sufism’) are told in puranas, kirtans and malfuzat (conversations with Sufi pirs). Each teller adds something of her own. 'Suni Sunai' is a retelling of such stories inspired by the Hindustani tradition of dastangoi. 


The stories here are taken from northern India, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. There are comic episodes and cosmic dramas, stories that speak of human dignity, and stories that move from the mundane to the wondrous. Each offers something to relate to, and something to think over—moral dilemmas, social inequalities, and how a spiritual quest never ends. Each reader will interprets the story from her perspective and experience.


The narration tries to capture something of language of the medieval texts from which these stories were taken. The illustrated folios are also inspired by art traditions of the region, like Tamil Nadu murals, and Andhra qalamkari. 


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