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Ajeya Vajpayee
An architectural feature seemingly unique to South Indian temples, mellifluous pillars that create music for the gods are found in a handful of temples in ‘Draviḍadeśa’. We explore these euphonious maṇḍapas, analysing the sui generis nature of this style of architecture that begs a more…
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M.D. Muthukumaraswamy
Ki. Rajanarayanan, or Ki. Ra. as he is popularly known, is an author and folklorist from Tamil Nadu. His unique style and usage of language marked a milestone in Tamil literature and played a big role in its growth. Ki. Ra. was born in the village of Idaicheval Chathiraptti near Kovilpatti in 1922…
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Narayani Gupta
Sociologist and pioneering town planner Patrick Geddes coined the term ‘temple-city’ after seeing the towns of Madras Presidency. As part of the ‘Reading a City’ series, we explore how Geddes saw the temple space as a focal point for settlements. (Photo Courtesy: National Portrait Gallery, London/…
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SR Abbiramy
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Kalaiyarasan A. and Shruti Ragavan
In January 2017, protests and demonstrations were held across Tamil Nadu challenging the 2014 ­Supreme Court (SC) ban on a rural traditional sport—Jallikattu. Alongside the movement, a debate raged in electronic and print media (both in English and Tamil) on the history, politics and ethics of…
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Aravindhan C. and Rabboni Rabi
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Shruti Ragavan
The following text is based on an interview with Rahul by Vasudev R. and Vivek R. at Vadipatti, in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, in December 2017.[i]  It provides a first-hand account of a group of young men, belonging to different caste groups, who came together in order to create and…
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