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If Old Delhi is the crown of Delhi,  the area of Dariba
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The Jogeshwari Caves are the most ancient Brahmanical (Hindu)


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Life and Works of Padma Bhushan Shri Komal Kothari

Indian Folklife, a quarterly newsletter published by National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai, paid tribute to the life and works of Padma Bhushan Shri Komal Kothari with a special issue. The issue features Komal Kothari's important article on folk narratives among other important articles. 

Epics of Rajasthan

In this article, Komal Kothari talks about the epics of Rajasthan, the folk tales that inspire them and the social customs and traditions associated with them. He discusses the figure of the hero, the female as a 'moving force' and local versions of pan-Indian epics.

The Folk Legacy of Rajasthan

In this article, Komal Kothari describes how he and Vijaydan Detha established Rupayan Sansthan in 1960, wanting it to be 'wholly "saturated" with the oral tradition of the inhabitants'. An introduction to the music, ballads, practices and lore recorded in the thousands by the institute for documention and dissemination.


In Conversation with Kirti Jain

Kirti Jain talks about her journey from being a student at the National School of Drama (NSD) to heading the institute as its Director for seven years from 1988–95, where she introduced the Theatre in Education (TIE) programme. She also discusses the work process of several contemporary Indian directors, with special focus on women and the importance of theatre pedagogy in India.