The Threshold


Distinguished filmmaker Kumar Shahani and eminent poet Udayan Vajpeyi present a remarkable paper that is equally discourse and dialogue on their idea of the development of rasa.  Both nuanced and penetrating, this essay at once unfolds and foregrounds a hoary aesthetic practice as interpreted by the art filmmaker and his scholar-poet collaborator. This text has its roots in Taittiriya Upanishad that was shown by Shyam Goswami of Vallabhacharya Sampradaya.



Alternative Poetry of the Northeast

In this incisive essay poet Robin Ngangom delineates the terrain of poetry in English in the long troubled Northeast. The textures and tensions of singing a variegated land and its diverse peoples—whose gods are also living hills and streams but who often face shades of discrimination from the centers of power in India—makes for vivid and necessary reading. This is a narrative of rupture and rapture, resistance and suffering and renewal.


Chhath Puja: Origin of the Festival, and the Story of Devasena

Chhath Puja has evolved into a popular solar festival, and is celebrated with fervour across north and east India. While it’s classified as a solar festival, Chhathi Mai, wife/consort of the Indian sun god, Surya, is worshipped as well. We explore the legends and myths around the origins of this festival (Photo Source: Steffen Gauger/Wikimedia Commons)