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Pune , Maharastra
Once a military establishment of the British Indian Army, Pune
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Winston Churchill once said, ‘we shape our buildings and then


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मुंबई के जंगलों को बचाने के लिए ‘चिपको आंदोलन’ ने अब डिजिटल रास्ते से वापसी की है

म्यूजिक बैंड ‘माटी बानी’ ने मुंबई का आरे जंगल बचाने के लिए पीयूष मिश्रा के साथ यह वीडियो बनाया है और एक ऑनलाइन पिटीशन भी शुरू की है.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Trailing through the Mughal Gardens of Jaipur

The walk explores a small stretch called ‘Ghat ki Ghuni’ which during the Mughal rule was the official entrance to Jaipur, on the imperial Highway from Agra to Ajmer.

It was Rajput ruler Sawai Jai Singh II who beautified the area. Inspired by the garden retreats of the Mughals, he created these magnificent stepped gardens, a spectacular example of Mughal and Rajput architecture. These palatial complexes show an interesting and effective water channelling and recharging system.

पुरातात्विक स्थलों के लिए एसिड रेन है दिल्ली की प्रदूषित हवा

भारतीय कला, संस्कृति एवं पुरातात्विक स्थलों के संरक्षण से जुड़ी संस्था इंटेक द्वारा ऐतिहासिक इमारतों के संरक्षण कार्य के दौरान इन पर प्रदूषण के दोहरे प्रभाव की पुष्टि हुई है.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Exploring Basavangudi: Old Bangalore's Sights and Sounds

Exploring Basavangudi: Old Bangalore's Sights and Sounds


Basavanagudi is a unique amalgamation of the best of old and new Bangalore. The story of Basavanagudi begins in the late 1800s and features a variety of eclectic personalities from literary geniuses to unrelenting entrepreneurs, who found in this neighborhood a space for conversation, commerce, and culture.


This walk provides an introduction to the oral histories and built heritage of an area that blurs the boundaries between what’s modern and what’s ancient.


Sahapedia Heritage Walk- A nature walk through the Alipore zoo

Established in 1876 the Alipore zoo is India's oldest zoological garden. It is home to many endangered species like the great Indian one-horned Rhino, lion-tailed macaque, and crowned crane. It displays a spectrum of other birds and animals—like the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic lion, African lion, hippopotamus, Indian elephant, hornbill, emu, ostrich, etc.—which interest adults and kids alike.

Aravalli Perspectives: Dialogues and Talks

Aravalli Ustav is an initiative for enhancing the understanding of the role of the Aravallis - one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world; with the vision to help build appreciation for their ecology and their importance to the NCR region. 

The Aravallis are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, running through Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. They provide critical socio-ecological services for the adjacent rural communities as well as the city residents of Gurgaon, Faridabad and Delhi.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Glimpses of an old garden city- a walk through Basavanagudi

Bengaluru is traditionally known for its parks and gardens. With the rapid urbanisation and fast-disappearing lung spaces in the city, Basavanagudi is one of the areas which still has some of the best parks and gardens, reminding us of the old-world charm of the city. While Lalbagh is known to many people, there are many more parks in the neighbourhood which one can enjoy. In this walk, we will explore Krishna Rao Park and Bugle Rock Park in Basavanagudi area, amidst grandiose trees alive with the chirping of birds.