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Lost amidst the busy concrete jungle of South Delhi lie the
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Have you ever wondered what heirloom tradition is? It is
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Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Glimpses of an old garden city- a walk through Basavanagudi

Bengaluru is traditionally known for its parks and gardens. With the rapid urbanisation and fast-disappearing lung spaces in the city, Basavanagudi is one of the areas which still has some of the best parks and gardens, reminding us of the old-world charm of the city. While Lalbagh is known to many people, there are many more parks in the neighbourhood which one can enjoy. In this walk, we will explore Krishna Rao Park and Bugle Rock Park in Basavanagudi area, amidst grandiose trees alive with the chirping of birds.

Arna Jharna as a Desert Museum

Sahapedia is collaborating with Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur, with a view to revitalise the institution.  A series of web modules on different aspects of the history and folk culture of Rajasthan and western South Asia is being produced as part of this collaboration. The research for the modules draws on, but is not restricted to, the archive of Rupayan Sansthan, and the corpus of work left behind by the founders, Komal Kothari and Vijaydan Detha. It includes contributions from eminent scholars and experts, many of whom have had a long and sustained engagement with Rupayan Sansthan.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Drawing Trees and Plants in South Bombay

The walk uses drawing as a means to understanding plant forms, patterns and botany. 
Trees and plants come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. We often look at them as whole structures, but what if we considered them bit by bit? What if we looked at the parts of a tree? How the veins of the leaves give them their wonderful patterns. Or, what the textures of the bark tell us. How do the beautiful flowers follow specific structures while growing organically?