The Culture of Football in Mizoram

The state of Mizoram, over the last few decades, has seen a thriving culture of football develop against significant odds, to become one of the foremost votaries of the game in the country at present. Women's football, in particular, has taken great strides in recent years, moving rapidly towards the creation of gender parity, both in the sport and in the larger society.

Monsoon Festivals of Chhattisgarh

Monsoons are a season that mark and define the intense and intimate relationship between agricultural societies and nature. In Chhattisgarh, referred to as dhan ka katora, or paddy bowl, this season is marked by several festivities that celebrate a pastoral and agricultural way of life. This module seeks to document various rituals and festivals that are anchored around this season. The celebration of Hariyali, marks the culmination of ‘jutai’, when farmers come together to worship ancestors, the soil, the seeds that have been carefully sown.