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Documentary Film Screenings: Candles in the Wind & I Cannot Give You My Forest

Documentary Film Screenings: 


'Candles in the Wind'


Directors: Kavita Bahl and Nandan Saxena.


This documentary tackles the farmer suicides in Punjab and traces the build-up and aftermath. While men find escape in death, the widows bear the burden of debts. The struggle of these women provides a window into the social-economic flux in rural India.


Followed by 'I Cannot Give You My Forest'


Directors: Nandan Saxena and Kavita Bahl.

Earthy A Fair

An evening with Acoustic Live session of ''Musical Nature'' along with contemporary and folk tunes from Meghalaya.

Rida and The Musical Folks will present 'Musical Nature', an experiment with acoustic sounds, folk elements and melodies rooted to the surrounding. It is an ecological art project to hi-light a specific form of Nature as an object of celebration and inquiry. A performance of song and poetry in Khasi and English accompanied by traditional handcrafted instruments.

Documentary Film: Saving the Ganga

Saving The Ganga

(English/2012/53 mins)

Director: Bahar Dutt


The film follows the journey of the river Ganges as it travels 2000 km across the Indian subcontinent. It captures the battle of India's most sacred river for its survival as it meets, along the way, devotees and religious men, environmentalists, ordinary people that continue to give a glimmer of hope that saving the Ganges is possible.


Collaboration: CMS Vatavaran 


Source: India Habitat Centre Website