Songs of Saraz Region | Bijaarni Lagaan Chho Naage To Melo

Songs of Saraz Region | Bijaarni Lagaan Chho Naage To Melo

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Published on: 06 November 2018

Vikalp Ashiquehind and Rohan Chauhan

Vikalp Ashiquehind is a linguist trained at University College London. He specializes in the syntax and prosody of human language and is presently engaged in writing a grammar of Sarazi language.

Rohan Chauhan is an MPhil candidate at the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University.



In Bijarni happens Nag’s mela

Forward marche’s nagarkoti’s disciple

First he gave out the prayer call

And the rest follow him one after another

At 4, the yatra’s torch reached Draman

There the torch is light

Then people circumscribe the lake (dal)

Dal was the abode of Verinag

From there the disciples walked to Chakra

They threw their exertion to sleep

Chakra village organizes a feast

After that the disciples reached Bijarni

There happens Verinag’s mela

Where happens the mela of malot nag

Some bought barfi, others ate banana

Come people watch the mela of Bijarni

This song is a description of a jatra (traditional fair) which takes place every year at Bijarni (a village of Saraz).



Bijaarni lagaan chho naage to melo

Agari chalaan chho nagarkotiyaa to chelo

Peli hak teni maari

Pata maraan chhe saare baari baari

Tsaur badze chali joti puzi draman

Teth zalaanche jotiye to laman

Phiri lagaan chhe dale phero

Teth ma buto  verinaage to dero

Tela chele chale puze tsakre

Tene suttane hon tena bute thakre

Teth bon chho rotiye to intazame sevaa keraan chhe chakro graame

Tela chale chele puzi bijaarni

Teth lagaan chhe vernaage to melo

Bijaarni lagan chho firi naage to melo

Ke gine barfi ke khaai kelo

Aja loko hero bijaarni to melo