Songs of Saraz Region | Keno Dor Buto Prano

Songs of Saraz Region | Keno Dor Buto Prano

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Published on: 06 November 2018

Vikalp Ashiquehind and Rohan Chauhan

Vikalp Ashiquehind is a linguist trained at University College London. He specializes in the syntax and prosody of human language and is presently engaged in writing a grammar of Sarazi language.

Rohan Chauhan is an MPhil candidate at the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University.


How were the days of yore?

What times have come?

These bribe takers have wrecked up the world

Bribe reigns over everything and there is no education

School children, these days don’t work hard

They only copy the lesons

Treatments these days

Happen at doctors’ homes

They don’t prescribe the right medicines

The guard and the forester share the bribe

And send a portion to the ranger

Why then would the forest not be destroyed

The officials have set a bad trend

They ask for a commission as well as chicken

They fool the poor

They don’t even spare their kin

They don’t miss out on anything

They even don’t even spare the bone

This song is a complaint on the present corrupt era and laments that the good old days are no more.


The song specifically complains about bribes and corrupt doctors, school teachers, forest rangers and government officials whose corrupt activities have blocked development in the region.


Keno dor buto prano?

Ing kay zamano aav?

Eniya rishpati duniyaa maa gadbad machaao

Ho dor rishpat to chho te padhaan chho na koi

Skuli matho aj menat keraan chho na koi

Dura sari daktara te ghara mella

Zeng zoth na likhaantiff tengey duvaay

Ho gaard te praastar khaan chhe duy

Saathi renjera kan hisso puzaan chhe duy

Phiri zoth jangle ti kin na boy tabaay

Ho blaak ballane enno kam chalaao

kamishan alag te saathi kukar bi khaao

Gareeb lok ene saare ullu banaay

Ho apnane bi maaf na karo enne

Apna hatte hatta kakh bi na gaane ditto

Ho meet ta meet

cho ene haddi bi khaay