Songs of Saraz Region | Jay Jay Bhole Baba

Songs of Saraz Region | Jay Jay Bhole Baba

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Published on: 06 November 2018

Vikalp Ashiquehind and Rohan Chauhan

Vikalp Ashiqehind is a linguist trained at University College London. He specializes in the syntax and prosody of human language and is presently engaged in writing a grammar of Sarazi language.

Rohan Chauhan is an MPhil candidate at the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University.


Hail Bhole Baba!

These disciples answer the call

We must go to Manimahesh

We ascend to Padri dhar

Shiva’s grace eases the crossing

We are sinners

Shiva sees that

We’ll rid ourselves of our sins there

All with Shiva’s grace

He has written our fate

We’ll go face it

We ascend to Gow Peda

With Jaimal Singh’s devotion we crossed over easily

This is a devotional song in praise of the God Shiva. It is sung in the context of the yatra to Manimahesh in Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) which is popular among the Sarazi Hindus.


Jay jay bole baba

Ene chele den chhe jawaabaa

Te aay manimesh gaano chho

Lagi paddariya ti chadaayi

Bhole nathe deya aay de padri maje sithe tapai ho

Aay loke paap kamure

Bhole nath bi samzi gure te

Ten huni gaita mukaane chhe

Bhole nathe ti bui merbani

Tene likhro isaao daano paani

Te langar gaita khaano chho

Teng huni gaita khaano chho

Lagi gow pede ti chadaai

Jaimal Singhe bhagati layi te gow parra maje si tapay ho