Songs of Saraz Region | Deshe To

Songs of Saraz Region | Deshe To

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Published on: 06 November 2018

Vikalp Ashiquehind and Rohan Chauhan

Vikalp Ashiqehind is a linguist trained at University College London. He specializes in the syntax and prosody of human language and is presently engaged in writing a grammar of Sarazi language.

Rohan Chauhan is an MPhil candidate at the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University.



Let’s go to Dessa my dear

We’ll sit by the cold stream

On the first day we shall go to Brahmdhar

We’ll find a poor guy in a gristmill

We’ll sit there and cook food

After that we’ll reach Gei

We’ll give our greetings

We’ll rest in the temple for a while

There are a lot of people in Gei

Cool water and forests around

You’ll hear god’s name in Ram leela

Only elders know to respect the elders

You’ll eat ghee and milk and go to Thana

We’ll stay there for ten days

Thana’s people are empathetic

The people are educated but people speak a simple language

Lovely region and a lovely name

This is a romantic folk song in which a trip to Dessa valley is proposed to the lover. The singer persuades his lover for the trip by describing an exciting itinerary and all beautiful people and places which they could visit.


Chal meni jaane deshe gaam

Thandre naale maa bishi raam

Pele di chalitaa gaam bramdaare

Teth meli gaantle graati bichaare

Graate maa bishitaa roti pakaam

Tela chalitaa puzi gaamle geiya

Apne mene raam raam deiyaa

Mandire maa bishitaa keram aaraam

Geiye graame maa manu chhe khasae

Thande Thande paani jangal as paase

Raam leela lagu chhi shuni gaat raam naam

Bodde ti izzat boddo hi zaane

Gev dudh khaano chhit pate chal Thaane

Dash di teth bishi raam

Chali meni jane desse gaam

Thaane te lok sab hamdard chhe saare

Sidhi saadhi boli padhe likhe bichaare

Pyaare mulkhe to pyaro naam