Songs of Saraz Region | Guri Bache Guri (Lori)

Songs of Saraz Region | Guri Bache Guri (Lori)

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Published on: 06 November 2018

Vikalp Ashiquehind and Rohan Chauhan

Vikalp Ashiquehind is a linguist trained at University College London. He specializes in the syntax and prosody of human language and is presently engaged in writing a grammar of Sarazi language.

Rohan Chauhan is an MPhil candidate at the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University.


Sleep child

The doll’s name is Sinduri

The snake killed Kandolu

Assar’s ripe berry

Trungal’s broken bridge

Come, sit and see my boy

This is a lullaby which is popular all over Siraz or Saraz region. The legends and attractions of olden day Siraz or Saraz are mentioned.


Guri bache guri

Guriyaa naam sinduri

Sinduri minduri dhaaraa

Sap kandoladu maaraa

Ashar pakoryo beraa

Trungul trutore kheraa

Aja bo matho hera