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Rohan Chauhan
  Folk songs are songs transmitted orally from one generation to another. The texts of folk songs is not static, they change over time as they are recreated extemporaneously by successive generations of singers; however, the melody remains constant and undergoes very little change over time. Folk…
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Vikalp Ashiqehind and Rohan Chauhan
  Creative human expression using language is a socio-cultural universal. Literature as a term is usually reserved for individual written creations with a social stamp of artistic merit and an identifiable author. An expanded definition includes both individual and collective creations, which are…
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Chakraverti Mahajan
  This essay introduces the linguistic zone of Saraz in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where Sarazi is the lingua franca of thousands of people. Saraz is located in the erstwhile Doda district, which was one of the six districts in Jammu province of the state before its territorial reorganisation…
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Vikalp Ashiquehind
    Mulk saraj mano bodo niraalo ho Balgi ga be maanuaa tu bue ki kalalo ho Mulk saraz mane bodi garibi ho Kamri eng katueli badnasibi ho Balle balle katni chhi ji kyun charo ho Hindu musalmaan sab akothe raan chha ho Rallli millitaa milli juritaa kam kamaan chha ho Emri eng chho ji asaav bhaai…
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Vikalp Ashiquehind and Rohan Chauhan
    Bijaarni lagaan chho naage to melo Agari chalaan chho nagarkotiyaa to chelo Peli hak teni maari Pata maraan chhe saare baari baari Tsaur badze chali joti puzi draman Teth zalaanche jotiye to laman Phiri lagaan chhe dale phero Teth ma buto  verinaage to dero Tela chele chale puze tsakre Tene…
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Vikalp Ashiqehind
  Saraz is a region in the Jammu division of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. The spelling (Romanː Siraj, Siraz, Saraj or Saraz; Devanagariː सिराज, सराज; Perso-Arabicː سراج. سراز) and pronunciation (IPA: sɪrɑːd͡ʒ, sɪrɑːd͡z ,sɪrɑːz, sərɑːd͡ʒ, sərɑːd͡z ,sərɑːz) varies within the region. It comprises…
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