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Golamgarh Shiva Temple, Rajasthan

'It was on 17th May 2004 that one of my students Ms. Shilpi Gupta of the History Deptt., Banasthali Vidyapeeth, (Tonk, Rajasthan) discovered a Gupta structure, enshrining a Siva-Linga, at Golamgarh of district Bhilwara in Rajasthan. During her temple survey of the region, in the vicinity of Bijolian situated on Bundi-Chittorgarh road, she noticed a lonely structure, popularly known as Devaria and built of rectangular and some carved stones outside the village of Golamgarh, hardly 10 kms away from Bijolian. She showed me the photograph of the outside facade; I was surprised to see carvings of vase and foliage (ghata-pallava) on both sides of all the four entrances meant to approach the Siva-Linga inside. I at once compared the motif with specimens in Gupta art and was delighted to locate similarities with those from Deogarh (Jhansi-UP) and even a place like Tigava (M.P.). It is also to be noted here, at Golamgarh under study, the depiction of the ghata-pallavas is somewhat in the form of incisions and not very deep carvings as at elsewhere as the motifs do belong to 5th century A.D. This discovery was very, very encouraging as till now we were al; aware of the region as famous for the medieval temples of Bijolian Distt. Bhilawara and Menal (Chittorgarh district); both not far from the newly discovered site of Golamgarh.'

-- R.C. Agarwala [