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Sholapith: The Divine Craft of Bengal

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Lakshmikantapur, West Bengal. November, 2017


This video documents the entire process of making crafts out of the shola plant. Hailing from ordinary marshy regions, shola stems are miraculously transformed into breathtakingly beautiful handicrafts using simples blades and threads. Different regions of Bengal specialise in the making of different shola crafts. Here, the focus has been given to flowers. Nikhil Haldar, a dealer in shola items, elaborates on the specifications of the plant that facilitates production of top-notch quality products. He guides us through the procedure and gives us an insight into the enterprising dimensions of sholapith. 


Interview Credit: Sreya Mukherjee (Sahapedia-UNESCO Project Fellow 2017)
Video Credit: Sulagna Maitra