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At Home with Ananta Malakar


Ananta Malakar is a National Award winner for his commendable work in sholapith. His honest hours of work with simple blades and ordinary threads has taken his name far and wide across the oceans. Crafts made out of simple white sponge-wood which bear his touch are displayed in museums in different countries all over the world where they elicit sheer awe from viewers. He has become a name to reckon with, so much so, that documentaries have been made about his life's journey which inspire people to not give up and to continue pursuing work that ignites passion in one's heart. 

The name Ananta Malakar has pulled sholapith out of the quagmire it found itself in as he runs a cooperative where young individuals learn the craft-making from scratch under his adroit tutelage. This image gallery narrates the accomplishments of Ananta Malakar and his contributions in bringing this craft international recognition and support.