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Abhijit Chakraborty
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Raja Alam
Tusu, a harvest festival, is one of the three major festivals of the Kurmi community in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha. The other two festivals are Karam and Bandna. These are all annual festivals and come one after another. From the middle of November to the middle of December (according to the…
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Swati Moitra
Selected Bibliography   Biswas, Adris, ed. Battalar Boi. Vol. I & II. Calcutta: Gangchil, 2011.   Biswas, Adris and Acharya, Anil, eds. Bangalir Battala: A Collection of Writings, Reprints and Paintings Related to Battala. Calcutta: Anushtup, 2013.   Darnton, Robert. "Literary Surveillance In…
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Chandrayee Dey
  গানগুলো মেয়েদের। মেয়েরাই এর গীতিকার, সুরকার এবং শিল্পী। সাধারণ গেরস্ত পরিবারের গৃহবধূ বংশ পরম্পরায় মা-দাদি-চাচি-খালাদের কাছে শুনে এসেছে এই গান। নিজেদের মত করে সুর বা শব্দ বদলে বদলে নিয়ে পরিবার বা আত্মীয় স্বজনের বিয়েতে আসর জমিয়েছে একান্ত অন্তরালেই। গানের মধ্যে দিয়েই আশা-আনন্দের কথা বলেছে, বলেছে…
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Chandrayee Dey
Traditionally in a Bengali Muslim family, neighbours, relations and community women, locally called biye gauni, were invited by the head of the family to come and join a wedding and perform during the marriage rituals and ceremony. Their performance included songs, dance and kaap (comic performance…
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Samayita Banerjee
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Arighna Gupta
  Chandraketugarh translates, from all its Sanskritic philological manoeuverings, as ‘the bastion of Chandraketu’. Quite naturally, this fuels the curiosities of many as to who was Chandraketu? While the lack of certitude is baffling to many, it is fodder to the rest. However, it is the inviting…
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