Post-Partition Sindhi Literature in India

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Published on: 04 August 2017

Menka Shivdasani

Menka Shivdasani, a Mumbai-based poet and journalist, has published three collections of poetry—'Nirvana at Ten Rupees', 'Stet' and 'Safe House'. She has edited an anthology of women’s writing for SPARROW, and two anthologies of contemporary Indian poetry for the American e-zine, She is also co-translator of 'Freedom and Fissures', an anthology of Sindhi Partition poetry (Sahitya Akademi). In 1986, she co-founded Poetry Circle in Mumbai.

This multimedia module is an in-depth exploration of Sindhi literature after the Partition of India in 1947. With the Partition, Sindhis lost vital links to their land, language and culture, which was built on a rich tradition of Sufistic thought and a synthesis of various cultures. While the Sindhi language began declining as the community struggled to rebuild itself, its literature has been robust and, paradoxically, is even attracting new writers