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Sindhi author Kala Prakash talks about her memories of Partition, how it impacted her writing and her life's work of trying to nurture an interest in and love for the Sindhi language among Sindhis.
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Vimmi Sadarangani
An Untold Story of Displacement and Struggle   ‘The Partition of India may or may not be a major event in world history,’ according to linguist and fiction writer Dr Satish Rohra, ‘but for the Sindhi community, it is a very important and painful event; it split the community into two in separate…
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Mohan Gehani
A story in any language is said to be as old as human speech itself. In India, we have a vast storehouse of stories in the Puranas, Jatakas, Panchatantra and so on, all of which are stories that aim to impart certain educational or moral values. The genre of modern short stories, however, is quite…
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Menka Shivdasani Sindhi literature is generally divided into two periods—the British era (1843–1947) and the post-Partition phase, but its genesis was several centuries earlier, building on a…
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Menka Shivdasani
This multimedia module is an in-depth exploration of Sindhi literature after the Partition of India in 1947. With the Partition, Sindhis lost vital links to their land, language and culture, which was built on a rich tradition of Sufistic thought and a synthesis of various cultures. While the…
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Joystu Dutta
The rebellious sands are subdued and the inhospitable soils are colonized. The dreary scene of dry districts is changed to that of green belts. The bleak tree less landscapes is painted with splashes of brown, green and yellow. The monotony is broken for the traveller and the sheep and goats munch…
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