Common Jute Species in West Bengal

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Published on: 11 September 2018

Avisek Dutta

Avisek Dutta, a Post Graduate in Management from IISWBM, ventured into documentary filmmaking in the year 2016. His first assignment was for the NGO Tagore Society of Rural Management for their Rangabelia Project. In 2018, he began working on a documentary for Nagorik Mancha, an NGO working in the field of labour rights for the last 30 years. His own production documentary AGAMANI, a film based on the lives of acid attack survivors, is due to be released at upcoming international film festivals.

There are more than 40 species of jute that are found all over the world. Out of these, eight species are cultivated commercially for producing fibre. Of these eight, two species Corchorus capsularis L and Corchorus olitorius L belonging to the Tiliaceae family, are more widespread in India. Jute fibre is extracted from the bark of the stem of these commercial species of jute. The fibre of Olitorius is finer, stronger and more lustrous than that. The fibre of Olitorius is yellowish and that of Capsularis is white, thus they are called White jute and Tossa jute respectively.