Visual Expressions of the Ramayana

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Published on: 16 October 2020

Sritama Halder

Sritama Halder is a PhD scholar at the Department of Art History, Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati. She is currently working as an independent researcher-writer, her publications include articles on the popular visual culture such as illustrations, comics etc. Her main area of interest is Hindu myths with special focus on the visual and textual representations of the Ramayana.

Visual Expressions of the Ramayana traces several dynamics of the interpretations and representations that constitute the multiplicity of the Rama Katha and attempts to locate this multifariousness within the visual representations of the narrative by exploring the Ramayana in miniature Mughal art, Pahari paintings, forms of folk theatre and puppetry in different parts of the country as well as the pata or scroll paintings of West Bengal. By tracing this diversity of the Ramayana text in the visual format, the module attempts to explore the various cultures and thought processes from which these manifestations emerged.