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Sritama Halder
While explaining some phrases from the song she recreates a Rama Katha of her own. Following is an edited transcript. Namaskar. My name is Monimala Chitrakar. The name of my village is Naya, thana Pingla, district West Midnapore. I live here. I started learning pata songs and painting patas from my…
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Sritama Halder
Visual Expressions of the Ramayana traces several dynamics of the interpretations and representations that constitute the multiplicity of the Rama Katha and attempts to locate this multifariousness within the visual representations of the narrative by exploring the Ramayana in miniature Mughal art…
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Anirban Banerjee
One of the oldest engravings on earthen pots in Bengal can be found in an archaeological site named Pandu near Burdwan. This archaeological sample reflects the designs that were part of ancient clay art. In one of the designs there is a fishing net with fishes engraved on a clay pot. This design…
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Bharath Murthy
Introduction This article attempts to survey the various artistic strategies used in the Indian graphic novel form. The focus is on works that self-consciously claim to be graphic novels. These are longer narratives, with a more ambitious scope both thematically and artistically. We trace the…
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