Banni Landscape

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Published on: 01 November 2016

Abhinav Mehta

Abhinav Mehta is a GIS specialist working on the Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Implementation Project at the Gir National Park & Sanctuary.

The Banni grasslands form an important ecosystem in Gujarat supporting a diverse array of wild floral and faunal species that include threatened species, in addition to providing fodder for large population of livestock. Banni grassland accounts for approximately 45% of the permanent pastures and 10% of the grazing ground available in the state of Gujarat. In spite of all its significance, Banni grassland is facing severe degradation and gradually losing its capacity to sustain human and livestock population. Main reasons for the degradation include increasing soil salinity, invasion of Prosopis juliflora, grazing pressures, water scarcity, desertification and climate change.