24 Dec 2017 - 11:00 to 13:00
Winston Churchill once said, ‘we shape our buildings and then
23 Dec 2017 - 14:30 to 16:00
Chandni Chowk , Delhi
If Old Delhi is the crown of Delhi,  the area of Dariba


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बैठक evenings with Sahapedia- भीतर से बाहर - A talk on artisan initiatives by Meghna Chawla & Team

We are delighted to host Meghna Chawla, Roopali Paliwal, Natasha Martis as part of Baithak evenings with Sahapedia. Join us for a talk on 'भीतर से बाहर - A talk on artisan initiatives and entrepreneurship' on December 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

About the speaker:

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- From Stone to Sublimation: The Cave of Siva-Mahadeva at Jogeshwari

The Jogeshwari Caves are the most ancient Brahmanical (Hindu) caves in Mumbai. According to scholars these caves were excavated in the second quarter of the 6th century CE. They are affiliated to the Pasupata sect of Shaivism. The principal cave is similar in many respects to the Dumar Lena at Ellora and the main cave at Elephanta.

Yes Culture Networking India Series - A Talk by Navi Radjou



Networking India is an immersive forum where business leaders share their impact in the Cultural sector with YES Bank Stakeholders in new urban spaces. This forum is an amalgamation of a ‘Talk followed by a Networking Session’ on the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) of India. The forum seeks guidance from sector experts to encourage conversations through case studies amongst Entrepreneurs, Government Representatives, Impact Investors, and Young Skilled Professionals.


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Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Delve into the ancient city of Varanasi

Varanasi occupies a hallowed place among religious communities in India. This walk will take you through the major religious sites of the city and will also explore its architecture built during the times of the Peshwas and the Mughals.

The walk starting from Gangamahal Ghat (Near Sindhiya Ghat) followed by Ganesh Ghat, Balaji Ghat, Balaji Temple, Dharhara Mosque and Radha Krishna Temple, will take the participants through the mythological significance of the city as well as its rich history.

This guided tour is free.

Epics of Rajasthan

In this article, Komal Kothari talks about the epics of Rajasthan, the folk tales that inspire them and the social customs and traditions associated with them. He discusses the figure of the hero, the female as a 'moving force' and local versions of pan-Indian epics.

Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Escape to Goa at the heart of Mumbai

Khotachiwadi, a 175-year-old southern Mumbai village will charm you with the culture, lifestyle, and harmony it manages to fit into its tiny area. Khotachiwadi shows what Bombay was like before concrete skyscrapers took over. You’ll find narrow winding lanes, centuries old, colourful Konkan-Portuguese style architecture, a Catholic chapel with stone benches and street art for decor, chawls that are a very typical architectural typology in Mumbai, and an eclectic mix of various Indian ethnicities and religions coexisting in harmony.