The Pandharpur Wari

The Pandharpur Wari

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Published on: 28 September 2022

Kartikay Khetarpal

Kartikay started out as a corporate lawyer and later, pulled by his love of Urdu poetry, turned to studying literature. He completed his Masters at Ashoka Universty in 2019 where his topic of research was the Krishna poetry of Muslim Urdu poets and what it teaches us about their religiosity. He was Research Associate for the Sahapedia project to map the Bhakti and Sufi traditions of India.

A video of the Ashadhi wari shot on July 6–14, 2019.

A video of the Ashadhi wari of 2019, a three-week pilgrimage carried out by Maharashtra’s warkari panth, which starts at the sant-kavis’ samadhis (commemorative shrines) from all over Maharashtra and culminates in the temple town of Pandharpur.



Sahapedia is grateful to Bajaj Autos Pvt. Ltd. for the grant that made possible the documentation and production of this video.