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Saaz Aggarwal
The Bhaibands, a Hindu trading community located in pockets all around the world today, originated in Hyderabad, Sindh, a town situated in India until Partition in 1947.       Map of India in 1857 (viewed on November 27, 2016)   The Bhaiband Sindhworkis emerged from the determined efforts of a few…
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Tulsi Mohinani
Sindh: The land of my ancestors   I am a fourth-generation Bhaiband. In our community, the men work in trading companies, living overseas. In the old days, the families lived at home in Hyderabad, Sindh. At the end of every period of two or three years, called the musafri or ‘trip’, the men would…
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Monica Mahtani Bhojwani
Introduction   Monica Mahtani Bhojwani was born in a prisoner of war camp in France in 1940, an exciting story documented in her first book (see this link). Monica grew up in post-Partition Karachi. As a young bride, she moved to Gibraltar, where she and her husband Santu lived for ten years. After…
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Chhaya Goswami
From the early modern period till this day, the Sindhis continue to be one of the imperative, dynamic, mercantile communities whose diasporic wings are spread far and wide. Claude Markovits’ seminal work (2001) on the merchants of Sindh from Bukhara to Panama analyses in depth the financial…
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A.B. Advani, MA LLB
[This article was read before the Sindh Historical Society, Karachi, on March 25, 1934, and was published in the Society’s journal.]   Up to the last decade of the sixteenth century, Sindh was like a sealed book to the people of the West. The record of Western knowledge about Sindh was full of…
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Matthew A. Cook
Power and Hindu minorities   How powerful were Hindu minorities in colonial and pre-colonial Sindh? This is a rather complicated question, so what I’m going to do here is take it in three different pieces. First let me address the Hindu part, then I’ll address the minority part and then I’ll deal…
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Radhika Seshan
Indian Ocean trade routes. Credit: on November 27, 2016     Summary of the talk   India’s geography is such that it is a centre of trade both by land and by sea and this gives it a pivotal role in Asian trade.   Three sections of India’s west coast…
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Saaz Aggarwal
A multimedia module on the Bhaiband Sindhworkis, a Hindu trading community that was originally from Hyderabad, Sindh, a town situated in India until Partition in 1947, and is now located in pockets all around the world
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Noorjehan Bilgrami
Sindhu or River Indus emerges from the Himalayas, and flows through the Punjab into Sindh, dividing it lengthwise, as it flows towards the delta into the Arabian Sea. Going back in history to 2500 BCE, the period of the Indus Valley Civilization, indigo, Indigoferra Tinctoria grew abundantly  on…
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