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Priya Joseph
  There is one material that can lend form to objects as diverse as a piece of jewellery, a drainpipe, or a roof tile, it is baked earth, commonly known as terracotta. Versatile and beautiful, terracotta products have a fascinating history that can be traced back to the coastal villages and towns…
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Amita Kanekar
  Located on the south bank of the river Mandovi, upstream from the capital Panjim, Old Goa is today a site of tourist consumption for the best part of the year. From a sea of palms rise a few majestic buildings, set on the lawns that typically denote a site protected by the Archaeological Survey…
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Prof. T.K. Thomas
Easter  commemorates the  death  on  the  cross  of  Jesus  Christ and his  resurrection on  the third day after his crucifixion. Christ is the central figure in the Holy Bible comprising the Old and the New Testaments, as accepted by the overwhelming majority of Christians across the world,…
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Prof. MN Karassery
Whatever I say about the rituals and customs of Kerala Muslims would be with regard to the religious and social lives of Sunni Muslims. Though there are four schools of thought in Sunnis, namely, Shafi, Hanafi, Hanbali and Maliki, Kerala Muslims mainly comprise the Shafi sect. Therefore what I am…
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