Traditional Foods of Uttarakhand

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Published on: 02 January 2017

Srishti Lakhera

Srishti Lakhera is a film maker and community trainer. She has made animations,short films for organisations and campaigns, and documentaries for television.Presently Srishti is working on a documentary about rural to urban migration in Uttarakhand.

This is a comprehensive multimedia module on traditional food practices and systems in Uttarakhand. The Green Revolution has not interfered with the hills of Uttarakhand, which is why major portions of the state continue with traditional organic farming and depend on the local seed-bank systems. The food system of Uttarakhand is highly bio-diverse as it depends on food (wild fruits, roots, seeds and leaves) from forests, and farmers who grow old varieties of millets, dry land rice, beans and lentils. Uttarakhand is not only a land of farmers but is also ideal for cattle keepers who sell milk and milk products, unlike harvested grains and vegetables which are generally consumed by the farmers themselves.