The Old City of Surat

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Published on: 14 December 2018

Binita Tamboli & Nikhil Sanjay Shah

Binita Tamboli is an architect by profession and is pursuing a Master's in Ekistics from Jamia University. Her research work majorly concerns history and philosophy.

Nikhil Sanjay Shah is a researcher based in Surat, with keen interest in urban issues, historic studies and conservation, sustainable development, community participation and earth architecture.

Surat, since its inception, has been recognised as a cosmopolitan city with a multitude of overlays that can be observed in the way the city evolved and the manner in which its architecture transformed with time. Gopipura, being the innermost and oldest core of the walled city, stands in glory observing the region's socio-cultural history: trade, literature, flourishing crafts, floods and fire. A walk through the lanes of the para is like listening to a narrative that communicates through generations and yet holds relevance to the present; a true spirit of globalisation. One can observe a wide array of architecture styles in the houses which evolved with time, creating a rich built environment. This module explores the transitional morphology of the old city of Surat.