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Nikita Kaul
Kashmir is one of the few places in the world where the walnut tree grows at a height of 5,500 feet to 7,500 feet above sea level. Walnut wood carving is one of the important crafts in the state. Walnut wood furniture occupies pride of place in Kashmiri households; it is also an essential…
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मुश्ताक खान
खाम्ब लकड़ी से बना एक मोटा एवं लम्बा खूंटा है। सामान्यतः आदिवासियों में और एक हद तक गैर-आदिवासियों में भी विभिन्न अवसरों पर खाम्ब स्थापित करने की प्रथा है। यह खाम्ब किसी वृक्ष के तने या शाख का अनगढ़ खूंटा हो सकता है अथवा सुव्यवस्थित नक्काशीदार हो सकता है । बस्तर के आदिवासियों में विभिन्न आयोजनों…
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Sourav Roy: We are here to speak with Jayanta Das, who is an artisan of moulds and dice for sweets (mishti). I want to ask you about the current situation of the industry of wooden moulds for sweets. Jayanta Kumar Das: The way I see it, given the current perspective, the future is very bleak.…
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Anirban Banerjee
One of the oldest engravings on earthen pots in Bengal can be found in an archaeological site named Pandu near Burdwan. This archaeological sample reflects the designs that were part of ancient clay art. In one of the designs there is a fishing net with fishes engraved on a clay pot. This design…
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Tasso Rinya
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  Chandramolle Modgil: How significant is wood as a raw material in Himalayan art and architecture?   O.C. Handa: In the entire Himalayan region, especially in the western Himalayan region, most of the wooden temples are made in Deodar wood. In Sanskrit, this wood is called Devdaru, Deva means…
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