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V.K. Cherian
Adoor Gopalakrishnan is credited with pioneering the ‘new wave’ in Malayalam cinema in the 1960s and 1970s. We look at why he is widely hailed as the true heir to Satyajit Ray’s tradition of film-making (Photo Courtesy: Navaneeth Krishnan S [CC BY-SA 4.0])     ‘I have a seen a classic in India—…
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M.T. Vasudevan Nair (b.1933) popularly known as MT, is a versatile writer, who has contributed immensely to different genres of Malayalam prose, including novels, short fiction, screenplays, memoirs and essays. He is one of the most widely read Malayalam novelists with numerous all-time best-…
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Bivitha Easo
This module critically explores normative representations of childhoods in children’s texts, with particular reference to the South Indian state of Kerala. The representations in the children’s texts, in any society at any given time and space, serve the purpose of pedagogic textual productions…
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V.K. Cherian
Govindan Aravindan was an iconic Malayalam filmmaker who not only challenged the boundaries of filmmaking but also tried to explore new ideas through his films. We delve into how the likes of Ingmar Bergmann and Andrei Tarkovsky influenced the philosophy of his films, making him a cultural icon in…
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V.K. Cherian
Aravindan, G. 2010. Kerala Chalachitra Academy (A Commemorative Book), Published on the occasion of his 75th birthday   Venkiteswaran, C. S. 2017. ‘G. Aravindan. Always a Contemporary.’ speech at International Film Festival of Kerala 2017, Aravindan memorial lecture, 9th December 2017, Kairali…
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V.K. Cherian
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Sasikumar Vasudevan
Profile by a Long-Time Associate   'Dear Sasi,   Enclosed is the air ticket [for Smita Patil]. But I forgot something. I should have taken an executive-class ticket for Smita. Kindly ask her to convert it to executive-class while travelling. I can reimburse her when in Madras. Since very few people…
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V K Cherian
                                                      Ramachandra Babu, a cinematographer, worked with John Abraham for his first two films. Babu is a national award-winning cinematographer who has worked with many eminent film-makers of Kerala.   The following are excerpts of an interview with…
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K.N. Shaji
  Analysing John Abraham’s politics is a difficult task, especially with regard to his ideology. John’s politics were essentially a love for humanity, to which his short but meaningful and painful life is itself a testimony. John was larger than life, larger that his films, and in a way, his life…
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