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Amiya P. Sen
As with many progressive Hindus of the time, Rabindranath Tagore had some conflicting ideas about the role of women in marriage and marital life. We look at how Tagore underwent brief but visible phases of social and cultural conservatism. (Photo Source: Cherishsantosh/Wikimedia Commons) [i]   In a…
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Prof. Amiya P. Sen
Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay was not only a literary pioneer in Bengali, but an activist whose words and work are seminal for meaningfully interpreting the West for India and India for the West. We look at how his ideas on contemporary Hindu society and culture reveal a curious mix of liberality and…
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Avishek Ghosh
  ‘Being a pilgrim at Ajmer Sharif Will bear the same fruit as visiting Mecca At the Dargah (mausoleum) of our beloved Khwaja O naive soul, keep chanting the name of Allah’   The lines above are translated and quoted from a Bengali qawwali song released in 2004 in the album Bharat Tirtha sung by…
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Swati Moitra
Selected Bibliography   Biswas, Adris, ed. Battalar Boi. Vol. I & II. Calcutta: Gangchil, 2011.   Biswas, Adris and Acharya, Anil, eds. Bangalir Battala: A Collection of Writings, Reprints and Paintings Related to Battala. Calcutta: Anushtup, 2013.   Darnton, Robert. "Literary Surveillance In…
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