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B.N. Goswamy
The Mughal emperor Akbar was not only interested in Christianity but also commissioned Father Jerome Xavier—a Jesuit Father at the Mughal court—to write about the life of Christ. The manuscript he produced came to be known as Mir’at al-Quds (The Mirror of Holiness) and was even translated into…
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Abira Bhattacharya
  IntroductionThe first Valmiki-Ramayana in Persian was one of the most celebrated manuscript projects of translation and illustration of any Hindu Sanskrit text, after Razmnama (The Book of Wars, the Persian translation of the Mahabharata) commissioned by Emperor Akbar (r.1556-1605), during his…
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The article is a brief study of the paintings in Abu'l Fazl's Akbarnama, to get a glimpse of the music in the court of Akbar.
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Toolika Gupta
‘Jama’ in Urdu means a garment, robe, gown or vest, basically an upper garment like a shirt. In Bangla, the shirt is referred to as ‘jama’ even today. The jama that this article explores is the long tunic-like dress with an upper bodice attached to the lower skirt at the waist. The length of the…
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  Asher, C.B. and Asher, C.E.B., 1992. Architecture of Mughal India (Vol. 4). Cambridge University Press.   Gupta, Narayani. 2011. Let’s Explore Humayun’s Tomb. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India in collaboration with Aga Khan Trust for Culture   Koch, E., 1991. Mughal Architecture.…
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Catherine Asher
    Sahapedia: Could you start by talking about Humayun as an emperor? Catherine Asher: Humayun was an interesting emperor. He came to the throne after his father had ruled for only four years. And he wasn’t really well suited for kingship. He was a very sensitive gentleman who was very interested…
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Sufism is a buzzword these days with thousands of people looking for solace in Sufi music and meditation etc. Naturally, the Internet is flooded with all sorts of information and resources about Sufism that are quite sought after. But not everything maybe relevant for our purpose. We make a…
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