Salma Recites Sundara Ramaswamy's Poetry

Salma Recites Sundara Ramaswamy's Poetry

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Published on: 22 September 2020

Kavitha Muralidharan

Kavitha Muralidharan is based out of Chennai and has many years of experience as a journalist and writer. Tamil literature is one of her key areas of interests.

Tamil writer Rajathi Salma recites two poems, in Tamil, by Sundara Ramaswamy.

These poems are taken from 107 Kavithaikal (107 Poems: Collected Volume)  

Satthikidakkum Katavukal (Closed Doors)

Closed doors of windows

Get stuck
The result of not opening them
Now bang it, with all the power in your palms
Nerves on your wrists would reel in pain
Bang it
Pain would be fierce
Don’t give up

Use a tool at least and open it
You have so many ways to see the sky
But the sky doesn’t have any way
To see your room
Open the doors that are stuck


En Venkam (My Shame)

Does a tree have the count of it’s leaves?

Does it hold the desire to see itself in the mirror of sky?

What does it think when it rains?

What does it feel about

Those hands that grabs it’s children?

Is it glad to see the moon glow?

What sort of consent has it given, to the birds?

I don’t know. I feel ashamed.

(Translated by Manikandan S.)