Siddhi Goel

Siddhi Goel is a Kathak dancer based in Delhi. She holds an M.A. Arts and Aesthetics, from School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, where she focussed on Dance History and Performance Studies. She has also completed her Diploma (Hons) in Kathak from Kathak Kendra. A disciple of Pandit Jai Kishan Maharaj, she has been learning Kathak for over 15 years and performing actively since the past 5 years. Apart from dancing, her work interest lies in arts management and curation.

Siddhi Goel interviews Senior Kathak Guru Jai Kishan Maharaj, 8th generation of Lucknow Gharana

Jai Kishan Maharaj is one of the senior-most figures of Kathak today. He is the elder son of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj, and currently teaches as a Senior Guru at Kathak Kendra, Delhi. He is not only a dancer and Guru, but also a renowned music composer, choreographer and poet. This video discusses his poetry, compositions, and his views on the present and future of Kathak.