Herbal Garden, YBP

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Published on: 22 April 2016

The herbal garden at the Yamuna Biodiversity Park has a collection of around 450 living species, including many varities of medicinal plants. In between more than 200 seasonal changing beds and borders are trees with medicinal properties that provide shade to delicate plants. Spring brings exuberance and the full bloom of Barlerias, summer the flowering of the Hibiscus, the monsoon Ocimum and Costusand winter a profusion of Andrographis, Bacopa, Calendula, Aloe, and Tylophora. A total of 434 species including 120 species of trees, 280 species of shrubs and herbs, 26 species of climbers and 8 species of grasses have been planted. The Cerulean butterfly flutters over the beds of Spilanthes acmella and frequent bird sightings are those of the hoopoe, the green bee eater, and doves.