Supriya Sehgal

Supriya has over a decade's experience in design, development and marketing of travel & lifestyle content for digital, television and print platforms. She has authored/ co-authored over 30 books for Lonely Planet Guidebooks (India & UK), Roli Books, Times Books, and other publications in the field of eduction. Supriya contributes regularly to International and National publications, along with curating and editing a weekly column for Mint (Hindustan Times). Her work is collated on


These images document the events of a jagaar ar Bade Kadma Village and Kondagaon regions of Bastar. In this image gallery Remevati, Hemvati and Belvati gurmayis can be seen getting ready and conducting the prayers at the annual jagaar. It is an attempt to document the atmopshere of the gudi (temple) and the proceedings of the jagaar, with a focus on the gurmayis.