Chawls of Mumbai: In Conversation with Neera Adarkar

Chawls of Mumbai: In Conversation with Neera Adarkar

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Published on: 25 October 2018

Aditi Dey

Aditi Dey is a qualitative researcher and ethnographer based out of Mumbai. She has a background in History, having done her MA from JNU, and BA from St. Stephen's College, Delhi.

Aditi Dey (Sahapedia-UNESCO Project Fellow, 2017) in conversation with Neera Adarkar, architect and urbanist, on the chawls of Mumbai.


​Neera Adarkar, an architect and urbanist, traces the history and emergence of the ‘chawl’ typology in Mumbai. She sheds light on the role of chawls in facilitating flows of migration into the city, the sense of community and solidarities that were fostered in the life within chawls and whether this form of multipurpose and collective housing can inspire future imaginations of residential spaces. She is the Editor of the seminal work on the topic of chawls, 'Chawls of Mumbai – Galleries of Life', and has worked on various themes of urban life in Mumbai for decades.