Bobby Luthra Sinha

Dr. (des) Bobby Luthra Sinha is an independent social scientist, documentary maker and researcher with a background in teaching, writing and organising academic and cultural events. Her dominant academic interests have been in the disciplines of political science, social anthropology, African studies and Spanish. Awarded her doctorate by the University of Basel, Switzerland in 2017, she is now a post-doc fellow at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. She has converted her skills in inter-disciplinary and comparative research to venture into multi-media projects all over the world. Passionate about editing and translating, she is a multilinguist, excels in Indian and international dances, and has been awarded with the ‘Orden del Buzon’ by Museum Manoblanca of Argentina for her monograph on and excellence in the technique of dancing the Tango.

This interview was conducted by Bobby Luthra Sinha and shot by Andrew John in Jodhpur 2017. It delves into the account given by Ram Niwas Budhnagar on the challenges faced by BTF activists.