V. Raghavan's Sanskrit Plays

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Published on: 09 November 2020

The theatre space of Samskrita Ranga was established by the illustrious Sanskrit scholar and musicologist Dr V. Raghavan in 1958. The mission was to promote Sanskrit language and its literature through the staging of Sanskrit plays. The Ranga's first production was the stage adaptation of Kalidasa's 'Malavikagnimitra'. It was performed at the first All India Kalidasa Festival at Ujjain in 1958. Ranga continued to present dramas in the subsequent years of the Festival. It's stage adaptation of Kalidasa's 'Abhijnanasakutalam' won the trophy for the best production in 1961. V. Raghavan also played a big role in bringing Kutiyattam, the oldest Sanskrit theatre of Kerala, to Madras (present-day Chennai).

The images in this gallery are from the Samskrit Ranga archives.