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Published on: 09 November 2020

Nandini Ramani

Nandini Ramani is a senior Bharatanatyam Exponent of the legendary T Balasaraswati and her close associate, dance master K Ganesan. She is trained in Carnatic music with two eminent teachers, Prof B Krishnamurti and Vidushi T Mukta. Nandini was former Secretary of the Madras Music Academy, former Executive Board Member of the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi, and Expert Member of select committees of the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi. She is presently General Assembly Member of the Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR), Govt .of India.

The video was shared by Nandini Ramani in 2018.

Abhijnanasakuntalam, the well-known Sanskrit play by Kalidasa, narrates the trials of love faced by the heroine Sakuntala. The Samskrit Ranga, the theatre space established by Sanskrit scholar V. Raghavan, presented the stage adaption of the play at the Kalidasa Festival at Ujjain on 22 Novermber 1961. Adjudged the best production, the troupe won the gold cup Svarna-kalasa. Years later, the play was staged again under the direction of V. Raghavan's daughter and dancer-scholar Nandini Ramani. The video presents an extract from this presentation.