in Module
Published on: 27 March 2017

Sreedevi D.

Sreedevi D. is awaiting approval of her PhD thesis at the Centre for English Studies, JNU. Her areas of interest include literary and critical theory, visual culture, and performance studies.

Tolpavakoothu or Shadow Puppetry is an ancient art form practiced in the Kali temples in north Kerala. It orginally belonged to a world filled with rituals, beliefs and superstitions where the performer, the Pulavar, was highly regarded by the devotees for his orginality, scholarship and his ability to offer simple solutions to their mundane problems. Since the latter half of the last century, efforts have been on to bring it out of the temple premises and popularize it on a public platform.     The module takes us through this world with conversations with performers, clips from  a performance and a comprehensive article by G.Venu.